Friday, August 5, 2011

Youth Making a Difference

Recently I was approached by two of our very own youth members and let's just say that this act of kindness is definitely one for the books. Not only was it because of the act itself, but it was of what they said after showing me this adorable picture!...

Rebekah and Michelle proudly shared the photos of their new kitten and were very excited to share their experience adopting from an animal shelter. They mentioned multiple times, "If you ever want a pet, you should go to the animal shelter, there are so many dogs and cats there that need homes." This is definitely great advice if or when you or your family ever consider welcoming a pet into your home. Just remember though...bringing any kind of pet into your home requires ALOT of care, time, love and the upmost dedication. Not only is it a great amount of work to care for an animal, it's much like taking care of a child....adopting from shelters saves innocent, precious lives. A majority of the animals in shelters are either abandoned or abused or simply just given up because the family no longer wants to care for them. It's a sad reality but it truly was heartfelt when Rebekah and Michelle shared this experience with us here at the Youth Center and most importantly made a difference in this little fellas life who now has a second chance at life. Thank you girls!

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