List of Activities

We offer a variety of activities each and every day at the Youth Center.  After free time/homework help at the beginning of the day, we move into our activities.  All members are encouraged to participate in each and every activity we have to aid in individual holistic growth of mind, spirit, body and heart.

Homework Help is offered daily at the Youth Center.  Our wonderful Youth Counselors and volunteers help with elementary, middle school, high school and college-level academics. 
Fitness Fun allows us to go to Balboa Park twice a week and perform stretches, calisthenics and basic aerobic and strength training exercises before participating in various sports and physical fitness games, including Hide & Seek and traditional Native games.
Youth Media Project teaches us the basics of filming and utilizing video editing and digital media programs.  We get to archive Youth Center happenings such as celebrations and special events while also exploring and tackling issues such as stress, gossip and education in skits and our own "teen show." 

Indian Country Now consists of education on important Congressional acts, treaties and lawsuits that affect(ed) Indian Country.  We learn about the details and history of important laws such as the Urban Relocation Act, Self-determination Act and the Termination Era and how they connect to us.

Creative Arts Expression
meets on a weekly basis and provides an opportunity for us to use drawing, painting, and coloring to explore our innermost thoughts and feelings in a safe, creative environment.

Cultural Arts and Crafts meets weekly and provides an opportunity to learn how to make traditional, Native American arts and crafts projects.  Among the crafts we've learned to create are dream catchers, painted gourds, medicine bags, rosettes and beaded bracelets.

Current Events Discussion introduces us to contemporary issues relevant to our lives and gives us the time and space to deconstruct and openly voice our opinions on topics such as discrimination, poverty and health disparities.

Walk y Talk(y) is a leisurely physical fitness activity where we walk around Banker's Hill, Balboa Park, and Hillcrest before partaking in dinner.  Walk y Talk(y) proves you can do exercise while hanging out!

Wednesday Night Dinner
is prepared by staff and youth.  We sit around the table and eat a healthy, home-cooked meal while sharing how our weeks are going with our fellow members and staff.  Among the favorites are homemade pizza, sopa de albondigas and chicken adobo.

Friday Night Live/Health Circle teaches us about all aspects of a healthy person, including fitness, self-esteem, emotions, effects of substances and mental health.  We draw, recognize and respect connections between our minds, spirits, bodies and hearts.

Substance Abuse Class teaches about wellbriety and balance in our lives, and how drugs, specifically methamphetamine, inhibit that within ourselves and our communities.

Gung Fu/Self Defense
is designed to provide knowledge regarding rules, regulations, rituals, and the history of Asian martial arts (specificaly Shaolin Gung Fu and Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpō). We are encouraged to work towards understanding the relationship between martial arts and the Youth Center's mission.

Topical Talking Circles change monthly based on the designated theme.  We learn about and discuss specific topics in relation to the theme each week. Past monthly themes include "The Effects of Alcohol," "Love and Relationships," and "The Strength of Native Women."

American Indian Storytelling focuses on traditional stories from the tribes/nations our youth members represent.  Youth members are encouraged to share stories they know that have been passed on to them or that they have learned.