Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Au revoir, mis niños y niñas!

Dear Youth, Family, and Community Members,
It has been a fulfilling year and a half with the San Diego American Indian Health Youth Center. Since I have become a licensed psychologist, there is a stronger need for me to focus my workday in the Behavioral Health Department with adults. This means I will no longer serve as the Youth Center Project Coordinator. This position has been awarded to a much-deserving Christopher Scott. I know he will take the Youth Center in a positive direction.
If you ever want to stop by, I am across the street in the Behavioral Health Department and will be available for individual therapy sessions. No, individual therapy isn’t just for “crazy people” :). We can all benefit in having someone to talk to from time to time. For those of you whom I have worked with, I will continue to provide individual therapy. Please contact me to schedule an appointment, if necessary. I can be reached by telephone at (619) 234-2158 x128 or by email at Please remember, I care about each and every one of you and will have many fond memories of my experiences with the Youth Center. I wish all of you the best. Remember to study hard and be “respectful” of one another, especially your parents :). You will be a grown-up before you know it and it’s important to develop a healthy sense of who you are. Use the Youth Center as a positive space for growing up. Take care of yourselves and make all your dreams come true!
Melanie J. Cain, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
PSY 23411

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What do YOU want to cook on November 10th?

Youth members have requested to pick the main course for an upcoming Wednesday Night Dinner.  November 10th is that night!  If you have any ideas, feel free to discuss them with your fellow members here at the Youth Center or on the comment section of this post.  What we eat is up to all of you, as long as the meal follows these requests:

  • balanced (includes healthy sources of protein, carbohydrates and fat)
  • fresh vegetables are included
  • the starch source is from a whole grain or root vegetable
  • none of the foods require deep-frying
  • prep/cook time is not more than 2 hours combined
After the decision has been made, let me (Daniel) know what's being made so we can purchase the supplies.  Let us know by Friday, November 5th.  We will, of course, supervise the kitchen, but all preparation, cooking and serving is all up to youth members!