Friday, September 30, 2011

Thanks, Geoff!

These past few months, we have been blessed to have Mr. Geoff Godfrey (or "Coach," to one particular youth member) as our skateboard instructor.  earlier this month, Geoff left our organization to pursue other ventures in Los Angeles with Insomniac Events.  During his tenure at SDAIHYC, Geoff garnered quality skateboard decks, trucks and wheels at amazing prices, taught people (including myself) who couldn't even stand on a skateboard how to maneuver on the street and skate parks, stressed the importance of safety, and most importantly acted as a mentor and great example for all of our members here at SDAIHYC.  Geoff also did more than just teach the skateboarding class; he helped with outreach events, Culture Camp, beach outings, intergenerational dinners, and with parties where we needed a DJ.  We haven't seen the last of Geoff: he's supposed to join us for our Halloween outing at the end of October.  You're not leaving our family that easy, Geoff...Thanks again, Coach!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SDAIHYC visits with Club 7 at Rincon

Despite issues with traffic and getting moderately lost, members, staff and parents from SDAIHYC travelled to the Rincon Indian Reservation to join Club 7--a group provided by Indian Health Council for foster youth living off the reservation--in their programming.  After watching videos made by Rincon youth, the programs' participants combined for a night of games (such as the one Patricia and Daniella are playing), food (Indian tacos!), fun and fellowship.  The urban Youth Center kids greatly enjoyed their time at Club 7, and hopefully (without the traffic issues) we'll make our way up again!

Friday, September 9, 2011

New school year means school supplies!

Congratulations to our active members who earned new school supplies for the coming school year!  Keep up your academics, and remember: if you need help on your homework, school work, or anything education-related as the year progresses, don't be shy and ask for help!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Daniella's post to her 3rd favorite person...EVER!

Dear Head Tribal Member of Molded Nation,
I would like to inform you that you were the highlight of my summer... I don't know how many times I walked into the youth center with a sad look on my face but somehow you always knew how to make me laugh and smile no matter what. Also I wanted to say thanx for literally making my summer the best, your high energy is what made me want to walk into work everyday. Your always fun to hang around with and from when I first started talking to you on facebook every now and then, I really didn't expect you to be this amazing all around cool, hilarious, and weird person. I'm absolutely so glad I got a chance to know you and I wish you all the best at Stanford and your future whatever it may be. Anyways sorry for all the mushy stuff just had to get it out there because I fully appreciated being by your side and helping out the youth center this summer and the fact that I couldn't frown around you. Anyways, I really going to miss you Chandler and the way you would always be making me laugh my butt off and your silly, crazy self ;D. LOL by the way, the only reason I was picking on you so much was because I only wanted to be around you since you were my favorite person, shh don't tell anyone else haha...

Much Love, <3
Daniella Head Tribal Member of JaBooty Nation ;) <3